Athletic shoes

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Click through our range now and quickly find exactly the sports shoe you are looking for. We are convinced of the quality and comfort of our products. It is best to order today and look forward to the first opportunity to be able to wear your new, high-quality sports shoes during training or in your free time. There is hardly a sport for which you do not need sports shoes. Regardless of whether you prefer to play tennis, weight training, aerobics, yoga or soccer: you will find suitable sports shoes for almost every type of training. Are you still not quite sure what the sport of your choice should be or do you train in different areas? There is also a solution for this. Then you can simply grab all-round shoes. These usually offer a compromise between the most important properties. And if you have decided on a certain sport after all, of course you always have the opportunity to buy very special sports shoes from our large range at a reasonable price.

Sports shoes as a fashion statement

Of course, you can also wear your sporty shoes outside of training. This is exactly why we offer - in addition to practical high-tech shoes - a wide range of stylish sneakers. After all, sportiness is also a variety of fashion. And vice versa, you should also feel comfortable in your skin during training. That is why we not only offer shoes for different sports and from different manufacturers in our online shop, but also in many great designs. Because the days when all sports shoes were just white and boring are long gone. Today you can draw everyone's attention in bright neon colors while jogging, chase the ball in bright red, green or blue or step onto the podium in classy black shoes. There are practically no limits to creativity.

Sport - right on trend

With sports shoes there is no standstill in every respect: not only related to the sporting activity itself, but also to the further development of the footwear. Lighter materials and new technologies are intended to help you get the best possible performance with the greatest possible comfort.

New products are not only created in terms of functionality - sports shoes are also always based on fashion trends and thus change according to the current taste. This means that sport and fashion can no longer be separated. Another reason why sports shoes have long since arrived in everyday life as lifestyle pieces.

Your sporty everyday style with sports shoes

Sports shoes are not only reserved for the gym or outdoor activity, but also go well with your leisure time sportswear. Particularly bright colors or cheeky patterns are currently the trend. For example, your skinny jeans and a summer shirt go well with colorful sports shoes. If you want to pay particular attention to the practical treads, roll up your jeans on the hem a bit and put the sports shoes in the limelight. Mini skirt, shorts or even a casual maxi dress can be combined just as well. Are you interested in sports fashion and sporty style? Then choose your favorite sports shoes from ABOUT YOU. They will be delivered to your home free of charge in just one to three days.

Five tips for your sports shoe care

If you follow a few tips on handling and cleaning, your shoes can support you in sports for a long time.

* Put on fresh women's sports socks in your shoes. So you keep the number of bacteria low and prevent odors.
* Take your shoes out of your sports bag after your workout.
* Do not put the shoes in a closed shoe cabinet immediately. Air them out first - if possible, in the fresh air.
* If your sports shoes are dirty, you can clean them with a damp cloth or a brush.
 * You stuff wet sports shoes with newspaper and put them in a dry place. Avoid direct heat from a heater or hair dryer.