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Shoe catalog on the Internet

Shoe catalogs on the Internet have many advantages. A lot of paper is saved, if the shoe catalog needs to be updated, no new one has to be printed, but the range is simply revised and you do not need to stack the catalogs at home, because you can find them all on the Internet and save them for easy retrieval should.

Classic models

Oxford and Derby are considered timeless classics. Whether with or without lace pattern decorations, personal taste and occasion decide.
Classic men's shoes

Extravagant models

Our collection of extravagant models captivates with original design elements, eye-catchers like the leather from Strauss and crocodile.
Extravagant men's shoes

Shoe catalog for fine men's shoes

There are more than enough shoe catalogs on the Internet, from very special sites and shops to general large online mail order companies. In order not to lose track of this large selection, you need a more precise idea of ​​the shoes you would like to have. But if you are also looking for fine men's shoes, there should definitely be something for you!


Women's shoes


Women's shoes with shine and glamor or comfortable and practical - the right thing for every outfit

Shoes don't just keep your feet warm. Skilfully chosen, they turn a casual everyday outfit into a real highlight or add the finishing touches to evening wear. Just try it for yourself: If you like to wear plain blue jeans and plain-colored T-shirts in everyday life, combine them with colorful sneakers. Colorful shoes not only put you in a good mood, they also spice up the sporty, casual everyday look. In summer you can replace the sneakers with light ballerinas or espadrilles in bright colors or with strong patterns to bring the sun into your wardrobe. These models are comfortable and at the same time emphasize femininity.

On festive occasions, it doesn't always have to be the subtle pumps to the glitter dress. Try it the other way round and wear high heels with your favorite dress with glitter applications or extravagant details made of mesh or velvet. Combined with the matching handbag and sparkling accessories, you get an outfit that attracts attention. In winter or when the weather is bad, boots and ankle boots are also good for party shoes, preferably warm-lined. Lambskin warms in a natural way, but fake fur is particularly easy to care for. You can also choose a model with a trendy metallic look or with a rivet decoration. The flatter soles can also be used in everyday life, so that the shoes do not have to disappear into the closet at the end of the evening.

Order easily and conveniently from home

Family time is precious, so you shouldn't spend the weekends in crowded city centers and buy new shoes for yourself or the kids. Shopping without stress is the motto! After an exciting day that was used for a family outing in nature, it is much more relaxed and gentle for the nerves to order and buy shoes online from the sofa in the shoe shop at brothers götz. You choose the right shoes online from the wide range, put them in your digital shopping cart and order with a few clicks. Buying shoes was not that easy! The shoes are delivered to your home stress-free, can be tried on comfortably in your own four walls and can be returned easily and easily if you don't like them. And best of all: it is possible to order our shoes online regardless of the usual shop opening hours! Buy shoes the way that suits you best!