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In the past, buying shoes was a topic that was mainly reserved for women. But times have changed a lot since then. Today, even the gentlemen of creation attach great importance to footwear and the look associated with it. Men’s shoes no longer have to be comfortable and functional, they’re welcome to go with the latest trends. We will tell you which men's shoes are available in our extensive range and which models should not be missing in your shoe cabinet.

Buying advice men's shoes
Men's footwear for everyday life and for special occasions

Satisfied with the work week, you come home from the office. You swap your elegant leather shoes and business look for t-shirts and shorts and get your running shoes off the shelf. After your round of jogging in the park you feel vital, jump in the shower and look forward to the evening in the bar with your boys. The outfit for this - beige chinos and a black longsleeve - is complemented by your new sneakers. Men's shoes are available in many variations for different occasions and seasons. Find out which models fit your style here.

Men's sneakers are very comfortable and look casual. The sporty shoe variants are made of particularly soft material such as leather or textile. Many models have breathable mesh inserts in which your feet are comfortably ventilated. You combine a casual outfit for time with friends from white sneakers and blue jeans to a simple white T-shirt. Men's moccasins go with a more refined leisure look. In brown, for example, they look good with black chinos and a blue denim shirt.

For warm feet and a cool look in the cold season, men's boots are a good choice. They reach over the ankles and protect against the cool autumn wind. There are sporty suede winter boots with a rough look. They have a cozy lining and a profiled sole. Such models go well with an olive green parka with a hood. As an elegant Chelsea model, boots look rather fine and complement your fine men's trench coat, for example.

Warm boots in winter: men's shoes for ice and snow
Men's shoes in winter are cut up and lined. Ankle-high boots or boots warm, a strong profile sole insulates and protects against slipping. They look cool with jeans in tapered fit, a Norwegian sweater and a parka. Boots that can be combined with finely woven wool trousers and a sweat blazer are elegant with a wool coat. Even sneakers with plush lining are suitable for winter. They go well with cargo pants and a lined bomber jacket. Material tip: smooth leather is particularly insensitive in the cool season.

Current trends for men

Whether slippers, sneakers or lace-up shoes - men's shoes of all kinds are part of the wardrobe and reflect not only the style but also the character of a man. If you like to dress tastefully and classily, you will find great pleasure in the impressive business shoes for men. Shiny smooth leather, elegant cuts and extremely high qualities are the flagship for the very special men's shoe for work and exclusive events. Those who are sporty and modern underline their style with modern leather sneakers. Seasonally, the fashion-conscious man with the different and varied men's shoes also has many options. Summery open-toe shoes for men, such as sandals and toe separators, are a good choice for high temperatures. Whether by the pool or on the beach, on vacation or in your free time, a casual appearance is guaranteed with open shoes.

Shoes and care

Shoes and Grooming - Lloyd Freemont Chelsea Boots Regardless of which shoes you wear, make sure they are in good condition. It is not just about the visual impression that you tarnish with unkempt or expired shoes. It is largely about keeping your favorite shoes as long as possible.

It is important that you take the respective care needs of the shoes into account and let them have the optimal treatment. This applies not only to the care products, but also to accessories such as shoe trees with which the shoes keep their shape. So you can enjoy your favorite pieces for longer and always look good.